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Martin Ditto, Founder and CEO at DITTO Residential
Martin Ditto,
Founder and CEO at DITTO Residential

Execution of important details and architectural integrity of our projects are central to our company from a core mission perspective and our brand. It is incredibly difficult to deliver this quality and aesthetic of product in this market while staying within reasonable budgetary constraints. We are extremely satisfied with the quality and product that ACH Group LLC achieved at our most recent project, 1219 Florida Avenue NE, DC. This unique product type required precision construction as well as efficient construction techniques and planning in order to meet budget and schedule. They were able to overcome a number of design challenges with creativity and grace and ultimately delivered an amazing product.  From start to finish their attitude and commitment to excellence was appreciated and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Anton Sibrin, Director of Operations at DITTO Residential
Anton Sibrin,
Director of Operations at DITTO Residential

We value the architectural details of our projects with great reverence. Most of our projects involve challenging demands that require high quality construction, which is why we have been pleased with our decision to partner with ACH Group LLC for some of our projects in Washington DC. They have a terrific approach, and their team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise. These traits, coupled with creative design ingenuity, is what allowed us to continuously provide a superior value for our clients.
Moreover, their team is capable of accurately managing the construction process in spite of tricky obstacles. They absolutely know every job is different and will pay great attention that is needed.
I hold them in high regard and look forward to continuing and growing our relationship.

Jordan Loch Crabtree, Architect, Principal at Loch Collective
Jordan Loch Crabtree,
Architect, Principal at Loch Collective

I greatly appreciated the craftsmanship ACH Group LLC achieved with one of my designs.  They worked closely with my team, carefully thinking about every detail and providing invaluable input from the pre-construction phase through completion.  ACH creatively approached the technical details, offering insight through the construction process.  I would recommend them for projects involving complex detailing.

Adam K. Santos, Vice President at The Premier Companies
Adam K. Santos,
Vice President at The Premier Companies

We hired ACH Group LLC to undertake a major public restroom remodel at our office building in late 2016. From the outset, they proved to be knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. The job required significant oversight, coordination with the tenants, and a keen level of precision by ACH – all executed flawlessly. ACH also delivered the project within budget and on time.
With ACH Group LLC, you get the added benefit of design services – a critical component to envisioning, rendering and ultimately executing the desired design. Now our tenants and their guests can enjoy modernly designed, high-quality bathrooms. Whether you’re looking to remodel a commercial or residential space, we strongly recommend the ACH team as your next contractor!

Janiene Bohannon
Janiene Bohannon

After almost a year of interviewing contractors we decided to take the plunge. Our house is a fixer-upper and we have hired countless contractors to fix it up throughout the years, so it is safe to say that we have extensive experience dealing with contractors. And it doesn’t always go well. So, we weren’t particularly excited about hiring another contractor to disrupt our lives. But we learned that ACH Group LLC isn’t just another contractor. It is safe to say that our project with ACH was the smoothest, most enjoyable (Yes, I said it. ENJOYABLE!) experience we’ve EVER had with a contractor. Had we known it would be this easy, we would have hired them MUCH sooner. They were so patient with us, and we really appreciate their project management skills and communication skills in addition to the fact that their work is fantastic. Each week, they kept us updated on progress without our needing to prompt them. They are professional, and understanding to our needs. Pavel was also very attentive throughout the process and was extremely transparent regarding pricing. We are thrilled with the final product. I would certainly recommend ACH to anyone who is thinking of finding the best contractor.

George Vassilas, Commercial Building Owner at Rockmanor Center
George Vassilas,
Commercial Building Owner at Rockmanor Center

Working with the right team makes all the difference when you are renovating your home or office.  I have had several great experiences with ACH Group LLC. They took 2,000 square feet of office space (which was originally built-out in the 1980s) and they completely transformed it (design and build!) into a hip, modern office facility.  What started out as seven small, cramped offices they converted into a large open floor space with individual offices which included an attractive combination of wood, glass and other fine architectural details. We partnered on several other projects and the outcome has always been the same: unwavering quality standards, impeccable on-time delivery, and an exceptional design vision while on budget.  One of the things you'll love is their attention to detail.  I couldn't be happier!

Abnet Berhane
Abnet Berhane

Kudos to ACH Group LLC. Their Job was superb, very professional crew, Project manager was on top of things, Owner has a vision for your project if you are not sure how to have it done, Just give him your wish list and you will have a perfectly planned out project above and beyond your expectations. Just have your money ready!

Susan Lee

I interviewed three contractors for this job, and the prices were remarkably similar. Two of the three estimated 2 weeks to complete the job. Frankly, this sounded unbelievable to me. Pavel of ACH estimated 6-8 weeks - in my experience, a lot more likely. Still, I pressed Pavel for the reason that his estimate was so much longer than the others. He proceeded to reel off every task that had to be done, the order in which they had to be done, how long each would take, which ones could overlap and which could not, and why. This had the unmistakable ring of a man who knows his job - and one that would say what was right, not what he thought the customer wanted to hear.
On this basis, I hired ACH, and I don't believe I could have done better. Everyone who worked at my house was skilled, worked hard, was polite and professional. Pavel kept everything moving, including me. When I had a decision to make or an order to place, I heard about it. Normally, this would be the end - good experience, good product. I feel I have to go a little further for this exceptional company. Normally, I hate the contractor experience - frustrating, or annoying, or both - but it was a pleasure to work with Pavel and ACH. I felt like I had gone to watch my son's middle school basketball game and somehow ended up watching the Harlem Globe Trotters. For those of you who don't like sports - I bought tickets for rodeo and saw the Lipizzaners.
If I have another job these people say they can do, I will hire them in a heartbeat.

Jason and Shauna Vlosich

We highly recommend ACH Group LLC. From the first consultation to the last walk-through, Pavel and his crew were professional, respectful, and courteous. Pavel was quick to understand the big-picture of how we wanted the project to look. It was obvious to us that one of Pavel’s top concerns was our satisfaction and that did not change as we made decisions down to the smallest details.  

One thing, in particular, that was important to us was that the finished basement flow from the rest of the house. We were concerned about the small details like moldings, doors, door knobs, window frames, and railings. Pavel heard our concerns and made sure that the details in the basement matched the rest of the house. Another thing that was very important to us was the balance of the basement. Pavel worked closely with us on the designs to ensure that the basement would feel balanced and meet our expectations.

We were also extremely pleased with the level of craftsmanship displayed by Pavel’s subcontractors. As we watched the progress of the project, we were pleased at the level of skill, efficiency, and cleanliness of the workers. As a result, they not only finished a project that looks amazing, but they finished two weeks ahead of schedule!

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